Networked Learning Project Post #2 (1st Update)

3 Jun

What an interesting cyber adventure this project has been so far! From the beginning, I presumed that the best homemade arequipe would have to come from its place of origin. I feel that this is especially true due to the contrast of recipes I have come across these past few weeks. In my first post, I claim to create HOMEMADE arequipe by the end of this project. I emphasize “homemade” because in my latest post on the use of Springpad, of which I became elated by the ability to expand my learning network, I have discovered that for some people “homemade” has an entirely different meaning. One recipe called for a can of condensed milk, boil it for 2-4 hours in a double boiler and viola! call it instant homemade dulce de leche. Sadly, the excitement I had shown  quickly became sheer disappointment in my new network, but I am pretty sure I have not fully uncovered all what Springpad has offer when it comes to “homemade” recipes. Fortunately, my network was not limited to a simple can of condensed milk, but also included recipes from Paraguay and Colombia. In order for me to make arequipe and NOT dulce de leche (ironically, by meaning they are both essentially exactly the same:)), I found that I had limited myself to a smaller geographical area including: Colombia, Venezuela, and Perú. I have a feeling I may end up creating both arequipe and dulce de leche, but for now I will try to make two different recipes ORIGINATING from Colombia for my students to compare later this week. I hope my students prove my presumption correct!


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