GTD Reflection (Getting Things Done)

3 Jun

It is impressive to see the variety of teacher-friendly technological tools there are available for facilitating workflow. Having already been a Google Docs and Calendar user, I felt it necessary to explore other productivity tools comparable to those provided by Google. Instead of using Docs as my mind dump platform, I researched Evernote by browsing “How To” videos on YouTube and even went as far as downloading the program to my computer. But my research led me to some disconcerting information about Evernote and I ultimately settled down with Springpad. As far as I have discovered, Springpad’s only flaw so far has been a server being down for two days. When I began using Springpad, not only was I able to dump all the items from my “To Do” list stored  in my head, but I was also able to check other members’ notebooks for ideas on how to carry out those chores! Right away I felt a sense of relief to get so many things off my mind. Soon I felt renewed energy to take action on those items, because others had shared their processes and ideas for getting their own things done. If I could name one aspect of Springpad that doesn’t work well for me, it would be that there doesn’t seem to exist any extra security measures available with the product. The best reason I have for using Springpad is the access to just about anything that interests you. I purposefully use the word “interest” because it integrates well with creating a Personal Learning Network. My wife loves recipes, and together we discovered a shared notebook on desserts. I almost hit the floor because now that notebook can double as another resource for my Networked Learning Project. Amazing!



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