Remixing in CEP 811

19 May

In this week’s assignment, the requirement was to make a remix using PopcornMaker, a product of Mozilla. As with every project that is new, a certain level of play is necessary to get acquainted with the tools available to complete the task at hand. Similarly to CEP 810, the opportunity to experience what student learning should look like by taking the role of the learner was clear. My journey began with learning that we as a human race are all capable of making things. Even as young people we have an innate desire to grasp things with our hands and work with them. As Dale Dougherty puts it, “All of us are makers….we don’t just live, but we create”. (Dougherty, 2011)  At this point, I came under the assumption that I was going to have to invent something new. I agree that I thoroughly enjoy using my hands and carrying out small “do it yourself” jobs, but to create something new?! That is something I have never done.

Later in my learning, I realized that much of the material we see today came from ideas of the past. For example, Kirby Ferguson highlighted in his Vimeo video series, “Everything is a Remix” that select instrumentation found in Led Zeppelin’s music were borrowed and repurposed to create the music that gained the band notoriety. Unfortunately, this type of borrowing sometimes comes at a price via copyright law infringement. It astounded me that copyright law was actually intended to enhance creativity instead of impede it. It saddened me to picture how far copyright law has strayed from its original purpose, but fortunately there is still hope for creativity to flourish once again. “Nobody starts out original, we need copying to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding. And after that things can get interesting”. (Ferguson, n.d.) Creative Commons may be the platform to get creativity flowing once again, and that is what became my springboard into the world of remixing.

Working with PopcornMaker, one borrows from sources that are “open” (Creative Commons, for example) for repurposing and remaking, exactly what is needed to explore one’s own creativity. I chose to present Instructional Technology for my remix, simply because if I did not have the instructional technology available to me, I would not even be able to remix anything with PopcornMaker! After watching a few “how to” videos, I took on the challenge of recreating an existing product to present an Educational Technology buzzword. Once I got the feel for how the tools worked, I truly felt like a “maker” trying to get sounds, pop-ups, and Wikipedia articles all to come on cue. I was once again experiencing the importance for what it means to have fun with what one learns, creating and sharing what one makes, and that students in the 21st century deserve to “make” their learning their own. Enjoy the remix below!


PopcornMaker Remix Project



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