Professional Learning Network Reflection for Week 3

27 May

Looking back on this week’s assignments, I have come to realize new benefits that social media offers for professional growth for teachers. The week began by mapping out my “current” PLN and, like technology, I feel it has grown exponentially since then! Simply adding RSS feeds and Twitter throughout the week has vastly increased my accessibility for rich content specific for my growth as a teacher. As part of CEP810, the requirement was to subscribe to at least three RSS feeds, but after meeting minimum number of feeds I could not stop there. I am now able to feed my professional growth from local, to national, to global events all in one place! I never could before  imagine all of my interests just a few click away. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, we later created a Twitter handle. With Twitter, I am now connected to other professionals in a way I never knew before. I am most definitely still in the “awe” stage of this networking tool as I continue to build my learning network and am extremely excited for the opportunities I have not yet discovered. I am currently trying to soak it all in (and wrap up the school year) anticipating the possibilities ahead for the next school year!


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