Networked Learning Project Post #1 (The Premise)

20 May

Networked learning environments have many positive outcomes for participants. As part of the course CEP 810, I will now embark on a virtual journey to experience this type of learning firsthand. I have chosen to create a dessert enjoyed by many in Latin America. Using only YouTube and Help Forums, I will attempt to create a delicious arequipe or, more commonly known as dulce de leche.

It is a caramel spread you can put on just about anything or by itself right off the spoon! I chose to make arequipe for immediate integration of my experience into my teaching, and, let’s face it, what kid doesn’t like dessert?! I also intend to make the dessert so that my students may also be able to make it themselves with their families using ingredients most everyone already has in the kitchen. After all, what parents do not enjoy children sharing what they are learning in school? I have already found a few YouTube videos and a blog  to get some ideas. Stay tuned for more updates on my new adventure!

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